Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Firday Scrapmatters Blog Train

Hello girls
welcome to our new Black Friday blog train!
I am stop No24!
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All the girls have made some really special goodies for you that can be very useful.

I have a freebie qp for you that I have made using our
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Here are the previews

In Greece where I live we don't have Black Friday tradition

To us this time is the lent before Christmas and we only celebrate
Christmas and of course New Year!!

The most common tradition is for everybody to go to

church in the morning of Christmas day and then have a great feast
at home with our families!!! The early wake in the morning is always

very sweet cause my hubby goes and wakes up our daughter telling her to

wake up cause baby Christ has been born and the little sheep are

all around him to help Him keep warm!! It's a like telling a fairy tale to
her and it's a tradition that his own father did when he as a child every year!!!

We all come back from church hungry enough not to eat breakfast but the

traditional dish called "tigania" which actually is cubes of pork meat cooked

on a frying pan!! It's really delicious!! And then at noon the feast continues with

the traditional chicken soup with the stuffed chicken and whatever type of food you can imagine!!

And of course we can't forget the dessert in the end!!!

So this is a traditional Christmas meal in Greece!!

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Ok time for your freebie!!

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All my love


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being blog awarded!

Hello girls,

This is a late post by me, but as

they say better late than never!!!

My dear friend Christine has very recently sent me this

blog award!

Christine sent this to me and I must
tell you that I was really happy about it!!!
The only thing that is involved is to
just say 7 thing I am grateful for!!!
Well, here they are:
I am really grateful for
1. my family's good health,
2. the fact that I have real friends that love me despite the fact that I have never seen them in my life!,
3. the fact that life happened this way that I came to meet my husband!
4. my daughter's existence,
5. the fact that God is next to me on every step of my life and helps me get through difficult situations,
6. for the kind of life that I live since I have so many things that so many people lack and consider a luxury, and finally
7. every difficulty that came into my life and has made me become a stronger person for my family!
So these are from me now!!!!