Tuesday, September 29, 2009

La Innamoratta Part 2!!!

Hello girls today's it's Tuesday the 29th
of September
and it was a beautiful afternoon 8 years ago that me and hubby

to join our lives in marriage!!!
So in order to celebrate my 8 years of marriage
(and lol since we managed to overcome the 7 then
I think from now on we won't ever have a problem)

I am having (again) another sale!
Here it is

Ok, A small summary of this marriage
is 8 years of marriage,
2 children,
one house
and two cars!!! (no, no cats or dogs here, unfortunately hubby
doesn't like the idea of animals in the house)

This is what we have managed to get!!!
And if you ask me
I will say yes I have everything!!!
I am not rich and I don't I ever want to be
but I have all the things in my life I want!!
My family and our health, thank God!!!

So in order to celebrate all the things that
have happened in my life the last 8 years,
my shops will be 29% OFF Just for the Day!!!
So Just go and grab what you like!!!!

Ok and now the second part of my gift to you!!!

What you all have been waiting for!!

This is the kit you all got to complete today!!!

And here are a few layouts the girls made with it!!!

By Jenn

and by Joanna

which she has made into a qp for you all to grab!
So go to Joanna's blog here to download!!

Ok here is your part TWO

the element pack

Hope you all enjoy your kit!!!

And for those who missed part ONE you can download the
paper pack here

And guess what another freebie is waiting for you on Thursday!!!
Can't tell you what but
you must come back to check again cause
it won't be just one but more so wait
until Thursday for some REALLY EXCITING NEWS!!!!! xo,xo!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

SUNNY SUNDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello girls today
it isn't a really sunny Sunday here in Greece but
at the Sunshine Studio Scraps it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Sunny Sunday at the Sunshine and you must go and check out
what I have for you for 1$-2$!!!!!!!

So what you will find are these!!!!!!!!!!!!
(click pic to get you to the shop)

Also I would like to welcome
a new member in my team!!!
Her name is Jenn and many of you
might know her by catgoddess!!!

She has made these two Los
using "Serene Breeze"

and using my freebie kit "La Innamorata"

which you can
download in my previous post!!

and here are some layouts by Becky
a ct member from DigiriDoo Scraps
that created these two fantastic Los

using "Every Girl's Dream" my collab with Steel City Scraps

and using "Johnny & Nadine"

And here are some Los by my girls

by Kaytee

using "Johnny & Nadine"

using "Funky Love Rocks"

by Vicki

using "Every Girl's Dream"

using "Follow the Bling"

Thank you girls they are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that is for today!!
Talk to you on Tuesday for the second part of my freebie kit!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!!

Well girls today it's my hubby's birthday and because
I am really crazy about him
I want to celebrate with you all!!!!

So for this reason

all my shops will be only for the 25th of September
35 % OFF!!!!

So collab's excluded!!!

But everything else you can grab them!!!!!!

And before I give you my big gift apart from the big sale I am having today
I would like to welcome a new girl in my creative team!!
Her name is Joy and she has really brought to all the members of our team

She has created for all of the girls a CT blinkie that we all adored

here it is!!!

She has made a special for all the girls in our team and we all appreciate what she has done for us!!!!!!
And for more, she has made two fantastic Los with my Funky Love Rocks kit that
was released to my other shops lately!!!

Here they are!!!

And here a few more that my girls have made with it!!!
They are all fantastic girls!!! Thank you all for your help!!!

By Kaytee

By Chantel

By Joanna

By Vickie

And my big gift for all of you today will be given in two parts!!!
Today you will get the first part and
the second you will get it on the 29th!!!!
Cause I will be celebrating my wedding aniversary and
I just wanted to share something really beautiful with all of you!!!!

So here it is

La Innamorata!!!

I think the name says everything about how I feel about the man in my life!!!

After so many years together (11) we are still in love and still very happy together
and have two wonderful children that we both adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is a page I made with it!!!

So for today you will get the papers
and on Tuesday you will get the elements!!!!

So don't forget to come back to get the ellies!!!!!!

You can download the papers here!!!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tweets and Every Girl's Dream!!!

Hello girls
I have my collab with Rachel
aka Steel City Scraps in the shops now!!!
Here it is!!!

You will be able to find it
Scrappity Doo Dah
at DigiriDooScraps and
Sunshine Studio Scraps for only 4.99$ !

And here are some layouts with this kit

by Linda

by Heather

by Kaytee

by Jamie

Thank you girls they are all amazing!!!!!!!

And by me!

Don't forget there is a matching add on to this kit and you will find it here!!!

That is the add on with a new packaging but the same thing!!!

Ok today and tomorrow we have the 1$ Tweets at SDD
so off to check what I have in there for you!!!!
Go, go and check my store to see what I have for only 1$ dollar!!!
You will find my store here!!!

And your freebie for the day!!!

It's quickpage with Every Girl's Dream!

You can download it here!!!

Hugs and enjoy your download!!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New challenges and some small talk!!!

Hello there!!
I haven't talked to you for some days
but today I come back with many things to talk about!!!

First of all, I would like to tell you what I did on Saturday!!!
I went to Athens!!!
No, I don't go to shop!!!!
I went to meet an online friend!!!
Who I must say in a way is the reason for me
being in the scrapbooking game!!!
Her name is Denise and many people know her by
her scrapbook name Neeceebee or her design name
Denise Beatty Originals !!
(Yes , she is the one that made that fantastic banner up there,
she is fantastic at anything she does or makes)

Yes, Denise came to Greece with her hubby Troy
and she called me to meet!!
It was a real pleasure getting to know them both!!
we spent almost the whole day together!! We went
to Lycabytos hill to watch the beautiful view of Athens
and here is a pic of Troy and Denise there!!

They are both so sweet and funny!!! Great company to be with!!!
Then, we had lunch at Psiri, another famous place in Athens!

And ended up drinking frape (a greekish instant type of coffee)
below the hill of Acropolis, at Thisio!!!

And that was our view from the cafe!!

Great , isn' it ?
And then it was our time to part!!!
Cause we had to drive back to my home town and believe me it is a 3-hour drive!
So, we farewell our new friends and hope we will meet them again in the furure!!!

And now to some
really scrapbook stuff!!!
Today my new challenges at Scrappity DooDah started!!
I host the Mr. Bluebird's Number Challenge
which is a really great challenge!! You have to make me a layout
according to the rules I give you and you will get 25 points towards a GC!!
You will find this challenge here for more information!!!

And also I host the Wordie Birdie Art Challenge!!
This one you have to make me a layout with the wordart I provide you
for free and submit this layout to the thread to get another 25 points towards a GC!!!
Isn't it Great?
YOu will find this challenge in this thread!!

And here is the wordart you play this month!

You can find this wordart here or here!

Enjoy your download and we will talk tomorrow about the wonderful things
my girls make!!!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tweets, challenges and CT CALL!!!!!

Hello girls
today I have a lot of stuff to tell you about!!!
First I will start with a challenge that is
going on at my DigiriDooScraps Shop!!!!

Linnie hosts the scraplift chalenge this month
which you can find here!!

And she gives away this posting Gift!!!

It's a partcipation prize I created and guess what!!
Just make an LO and submit it to the challene and in the end of the month you
will get this gift FREE!!!!

Isn't it great? No you girls off to check Linnie's challenge!!!

Now, today we have the 1$ Tweets at ScrappityDooDah

which you can find here!

And here are some of the items I have for sale and you can grab for only 1$

Click pic to get there!!!

Hurry this deal is for today and tomorrow only!!! And I don't
think you want to miss!!

And also I am having a new CT CALL
The opening of my new shop at Sunshine Studio Scraps has created
a lot of work for me and my girls!!
So I would like to add a few girls on my CT!!!

In case you can't read the image!!!

Here are the requirements!!!

1) One layout per week!
2) Do one layout with each kit or item you download
3) Post in Sunshine Studio Scraps,Scrapity-Doo-Dah.com,
DigiriDooScraps,DSA, DST and ScrapMatters.com
4) Enable each kit you use at DigishopTalk and
5) Personal Blog promotion ( if you have a blog)
6) Be active on my CT forum!

In order to apply you have to include
- a short bio (how you got into digiscraping, how long, and why you
want to join my team)
- a link to your greatest gallery
- current list of CTs you are on
- link to 2-3 of your favourite LOs

So I will be waiting for your emails!!!!
I know that there a lot of fantastic scrapers out there!!
But I take my CT seriously!! I figure if I'm going to give you with free access
to my store, then I should be able to expect you to consider your position as
an LDragDesigns Girl to be a job. You work --> I pay.
Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of fun too!

This call will last until September 20th 2009!!!
So hurry girls to send me your applications!!!!
Can't wait to see all those galleries!!!!!

And I have a small freebie for you!!!!

You can download this quickpage here!!

I will be back on Sunday with some more stuff to talk about and more freebies
and things you don't want to miss!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big Opening Sale and new kit!!

Hello girls!!
Today I am really excited
because I am going to tell you about two fantastic things!!!
The first is my Grand Opening in a NEW STORE!!!
Do you remember when I told you that I am going to open a new store?
And that it's shining?
Well, it is! Because it is the Sunshine Studio Scraps!!!
Can you imagine that?
Last year I was just participating in this fantastic site!!!
with all those great designers that I admire!!
And now I am a part of this store!!!

And in order to celebrate my BIG OPENING
I have a store sale from 5-12 September!!!

Click pic to get to my Sunshine Store

* collabs excluded!!

Oh before I tell you my other news!!

I would like to thank all those people that loved my paint overlay freebie!!
Can you imagine it has reached 500 hits!!!!
Wow thank you girls for supporting my work!!!
I would have never thought when I was painting this
painting 2 years ago that it would become such a popular overlay!!!!

Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Ok now to my next new thing!!
I have a new kit in the stores!!!!

Here it is!!
It's name is based on my kiddos' names!!

Johnny & Nadine!!

Do you like girl kits? Do you like boy kits? This kit has them both!!
Pirate ships and glitter and castles!!!
Perfect for you kiddos' pages!!!
Perfect for baby pages but it can even be used for you!!!!

This kit includes
12 papers 5 solids and 7 patterned

1 alpha in two colour variations withlower, upper case, numbers and some punctuation

48 elements
Johnny,Nadine,2 paper ribbons,1 button,1 castlehat,1 cloud,3 embellished ribbons,2 felt buttons,2 gelly frames,2 paper frames,scattered glitter,1 house,7 paper flowers,2 photomasks, 1 pin,1 pirate ship,2 ribbons,3 tags,scattered hearts,1 staple,2 sets of stitches,2 sets of stitches with shadows,1 string,hearts on a ribbon,2 string beads,1 string ribbon,2 string tags and 1 sun

Isn't it darling?

You can find it at allmy stores!!!
Scrappity Dooh Dah and DigiriDoo and Sunshine Studio Scraps !!!
And it's only 4$ !!!!

Now would you like to see some Lo's with it?

by Mel (Mel is such a sweetheart always to help me out)

by Joanna

by Vicki

Thank you girls for supporting me in this and always help me out!!!
You do a fantastic work!!!

and by me

And to make your day even happier here is the add on to the kit!!!

You can download it here!!!

Hope you have tons of fun playing with it!!!