Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peek December 1st!!!!!!

Hello ladies awesome news from me today!!!! I have finally managed to got my house internet connected lol!!!! It seems like sooooooo long since I came again here in Zakynthos and things seemed really gloom!!!!!
But Things have started improving by getting me connected to the rest of the digiworld!!!! And I have missed being away from all of you and just trying to stay updated through internet cafes and school!!!!!!
Soo I have news for you tomorrow!!!!!!
I have a new kit totally Jolly (hahahaha) and I am sure you are going to love!!!!
so here is a small sneak peek!!!!! Photobucket

I will have a full reveal and more exciting news tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sweet November, a freebie and a Special Coupon!

Hello ladies I am excited to show you my new kit today!!!!!!
I love the colours and how soft it came out!!
So with no further haste I present you
Sweet November



it will be 20% off through Friday so hurry to grab it now!!!!!!!
and if you are my newsletter subscriber you have already got a special coupon
to save even more on this!!!!!
Now for the other coupon promised it will come tomorrow really early in the morning
but you will be able to get it and use it through December @ The Digichick
as it will be my big welcoming coupon for my loyal customers who follow me wherever I go lol!!!!!
You can subscribe here!!!

And now off to show you some awesome inspiration from my team!!!!

by Joanna Photobucket

by Sarah Photobucket

by Terin Photobucket


by Simona Photobucket

by Sharon Photobucket

by Nancy Photobucket

by Lynn Photobucket

by Melissa (aka missi_me) Photobucket

by Li

by Jayne Photobucket

and by Amy Photobucket

and I have an awesome add on for all of you to grab Photobucket

you can grab it HERE!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sneak Peek and a Special Coupon!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies
I have something new for you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally after all this time of being off with various staff I have maneaged to
finish a kit I really love and I have a small sneak peak for you!!!!!
But before you see it I must tell you that since on Friday
it's Black Friday you must certainly make sure to subscribe for my
Newsletter as I will have a really special coupon for you!!!!!!!!!
You will have it on Friday!And it will not be only for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is your sneak Peek!!!


Patience until tomorrow lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest WHO??????

Ok I know that I had told you that you will be hearing from me on the 17th but I just hate it how things have turned out lately for me!! To give you some insight first I have no internet access at home so whatever I have to do on line is at cafes or if I have some time to steal at work!!!
So Please bare me until the end of the month that I am scheduled by the internet company to set me up on line!!!! I know things in Greece are a little slow!!!!
Now at the same time (probably due to stress) my allergies have hit me!!!! It was really scary as my body felt that it was going to explode. As you know the medicine to them is antistaminic and cortizon!!! Both of them got me completely off yesterday and I couldn't leave the house to go to the cafe to blog!!!!
So after all this big introduction!!!
Guess where I will be guesting starting yestarday lol!!!! hahahaha
The Digichick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to spend sometime there so for now you will be able to find me there and some of my products!!!!! I have no new kit this week as things have really gotten in my way these days!!! So I have a new RE-Release!!!!
The Fall Delight Collection!!!

Fall Delight: the kit

and all the extras that this kit has
Fall Delight: Graffiti

Fall Delight: Frames and Clusters Photobucket

Fall Delight: wordart Photobucket

they are all 20% off through Friday!! meaning today but if you want to have them all
you can save big meaning 40% off, you can grab the Collection

Fall Delight: the collection Photobucket

And a little inspiration by my awesome team!!!!!
by Simona

by Amy


by Jayne

and by Melissa (aka missi_me) Photobucket

Thank you girls they are ALLLLLLLL awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now for those who haven't grabbed the addon the previous time or don't have it here it is for them!
Fall Delight: the add on Photobucket

You can grab it here!
Have fun and I will be back with more things!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This post has been the most difficult
I have ever done in my life!!!!
I have closed shops again but I never felt that
I will be losing my HOME!!!!
ScrapMatters has been my home
the only place I could really relate as I had so many friends there
and made so many friends there!!!
But life has taught me that  nothing stays forever and talking
from experience (since I had to move with my daughter again to another
place because of my work)
now I have to move on to other things and to other store(s)!!!!!
And other places!!!!!!
But before I tell you all about them
I have a STORE CLOSING SALE until the 15th of November!
Everything (except collabs) is 50% OFF starting today!!!!


Discount will show in the cart!!!

Not all of my products will follow me to where I will be going!!!
And I have lots of stuff for you planned!!!!

You will soon hear from me but if you want to stay tuned and
make sure you will not lose my trace and my designs you can all
subscribe for my NEWSLETTER HERE!!! You will get my news and
take advantage of the special discounts I have for my subscribers!!!!

See you all around !!!!!
Love you all!!!!
Stay tuned and Happy Shopping !
For more info you will have to wait until the 17th!!!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy DSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy DSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lina here with lots of exciting news for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My shop will be 40% OFF
November 4th till 11th!!
So you have lots of time  to grab what you like from my shop!!!!!!!


and if you spend more than 20$ you can grab this awesome kit by our design team!!!


So hurry to the shop to grab what you like lol!!!!
Hugs and hope you have lot of fun this weekend!!!!