Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ScrapMatters February Leap Sale and a Sneak Peek!

I am sooo excited girls about this as this is the first sale we had for some time!
February 29th is Leap Day and since Leap Year only happens once every four years
it is definitely worth a sale.

February Leap Sale

But it is not only the sale but the awesome 29$ deal where you can grab two
store collabs for free!!!!

and also I would like to tell you that on March 1st
I am guesting at another  great store!!
So on March 1st I am releasing a new
awesome collection that will take you breath away!!!!
Here is a small sneak peek to have something to wait for!!!

The rest on Thursday girls!!!
I can't wait to show you this off!!!
I am sooo glad Spring is here!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday with Carnival Time and a freebie!!!!

Hello girls
I hope you all had an amazing time these days!!!!
Here, where I live we have soooo many carnival festivities that
we all had an amazing time!!!!!!!Luckily the weather was very good
and the carnival parade yesterday here in the island of Zakynthos
was simply great!!!!! There were about 7.000 people participating in it
and if my dd wasn't sick (she is still on antibiotics) we would have
participated too lol!!!
So just because of this amazing festivity  today I have a really special offer
for you!!!!!!!Manic Monday today at ScrapMatters with I'ts Canival Time!

It's Carnival Time
It's Carnival Time by LDragDesigns

It's Carnival Time by LDragDesigns

It's Carnival Time by LDragDesigns

it will be 50% OFF just for TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but if you want more of this kit I have an extra set of alphas that totally suit it!!!
It's Carnival Time Bonus alphas by LDragDesigns

So JUST for today I have put the alphas on a special sale to grab them together if you want to!!!
So if you use the BUY THEM TOGETHER mode in the shop to grab the kit and alphas
you will get them at 50% OFF both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their original price is 10$ so if you
use this mode you actually grab them half PRICE!!!!Don't worry about what price it says
when you add it to the shop it will say the actual price!!!!!!!!!!

And here are a few pages by my awesome team to see how amazing this kit is!!!!

By Simona
by Melissa
by Melissa
by Joanna
by Joanna

by Patty
by Patty

by my friend May
by May

and a couple from me from last year's parades!!!

and finally  again ONLY for today
I have put the add on to the shop on for you to grab in case you hadn't!!!!!
You can grab it HERE!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all have a great day!!!!
Talk to you sooon with AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Boyz Only The Collection and a freebie!!!

Hello I am really excited to show you my new "baby"
but girls this baby is not for you or your girls but
for your favourite men in your life!!!!
Yes finally, I have made a boyz kit lol!!!!
I can't believe it but I was trying to make on e for a long time!!!
And I have decide to make it into a huge collection!!!!
so without further waste here it is
BOYZ ONLY: The Collection
Boyz Only: the kit

And I have made a few more products to go with it!!!
Boyz Only: Clusters

Boyz Only: Graffiti

Boyz Only: Wordart

All these will be 20% off in all my shops through Sunday!!!!
You can find them at ScrapbookBytes, ScrapMatters and at Ginger Scraps!

But if you want to have them all and SAVE HUGE!!!
You can grab the Full Collection available in all the shops!!!

And now I have an awesome inspiration from my SIMPLY AMAZING TEAM!!!!!!
by my fabulous ad lady Amy

by Isabel

by Erika

by Jenn ( who we are happy to welcome her back to the team lol)

by Jennifer

by Joanna

by Li

by Lynn

by Melissa (with her awesome nephew)

by Simona

by Sarah

and by Terin

and finally I have a freebie add on for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can grab it HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all and talk to ya all on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sneak Peek for February 24th!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello girls!!!!
I have awesome
exciting things for you tomorrow!!!! 
An new totally cool collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But today I will just stay to the sneak peek lol!!!

More, more things tomorrow!!!!
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Manic Monday with Lavender Dreams and a freebie add on!

Hello Ladies
today's Manic Monday Sale
has one of my most favourite kits!!!
The colours of this kit are my favourite and
I have made some really some pages with it!!!!
So here it is only for today at 50% OFF
so hurry

Lavender Dreams



This kit is really loaded with goodies so it's just a simple catch to grab
it only for 3.5$
And here are the awesome pages my girls have made with it
to remind you of how great this kit is!!!

by Judy

by Joanna


by Melissa (aka missi_me)

by Nancy

by Sarah

and by Simona

And also here is the freebie add on once again to grab it in case you didn't the last time!!!!!

you can grab it here!!!
So hurry, you have only today to grab it on SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Day for the Grab-A-Byte 1$ Awesome February Sale and FB freebie!

Hello ladies today
is the LAST day at ScrapbookBytes
of  the February Grab-A-Byte Sale!!!
5 never released products
with amazing colours and texture which are sold
1$ each until today!
Make sure you grab them now cause
they will never be in this
low price again!!!
Trust me when I say this!!!!

February Grab_ A_Byte sale by LDrag Designs

I Love Mom: elements by LDrag Designs

I Love Mom: papers

I Love Mom: clustered frames

I Love Mom: borders

I Love Mom: stacked papers

And a little inspiration from my awesome team!!!!

by Terin
by Terin

by Sarah

by Simona

by Erika

and by Judy
and finally this  really special freebie add on
on my FACEBOOK Fan Page!!!
This is also the final day that you can grab this

on  my Facebook Fan Page !!!!
Click the exclusive freebie on the left side of the page and if you are not my fan
you need to "like" me lol to grab it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And thank you to all the girls that were kind enough to leave me a comment!!!