Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Heart of Mine and Freebie!!!!!!!!

Ok girls as
I have promised
today it's the release of my latest kit!!!
When I came across the colours for this kit
I couldn't resit but creating something
for my wedding album!!!
The colours just fit the colours of my
Can you imagine I am married almost 9
years and never scraped about my wedding!!
(Another reason of course is that all the photos are not digital
so I had to scan them first in order to scrape them)

So today I present you
a kit which talks about love,
about the heart in my life that is sooooo
sweet and loving, my hubby!!!!
He surely deserves this as
he certainly spoils me rotten!!!!!

So here it is SWEET HEART OF MINE!!!!

Well isn't it awesome?

You can find this kit at all my shops

Scrappity DooDah Com

DigiridooScraps and

Sunshine Studio Scraps

and a few screenies to see how great this kit looks
from a close look!!!!

This kit contains
12 papers (both solid and patterned)

2 lowercase alphas (the one in a shadowed version also)

* 1 border (shadowed and not)
* 1 fabric flower
* 1 flower wire
* 1 torn frame
* 1 glass flower
* 1 glass frame
* glass hearts
* glass swirl
* glitter frame
* 1 glitter swirl
* 1 chrome heart border
* 1 heart burst
* 2 heartflowers
* 2 paper flowers
* 1 heart fabric frame
* 1 heart lace
* 1 heart pin
* 2 leaves
* 1 maskoverlay (shadowed and not)
* 2 paper swirls
* 1 pin
* 3 ribbons
* 1 silver heart
* 1 silver leaf
* 1 silver seal
* 1 string and
* 1 wordart

And of course check these fantastic
ROCKING LOs by my girls!!!!!!
AWESOME ,AWESOME work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Lynn

by Jenn

by Cheri

by Vicki

by Kaytee

by Nancy

and by Mandy

ok Don't you think that my girls have TOTALLY ROCKED the kit?

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Ok and here are my wedding photos scraped
with this kit!!!!

This one using again Jenn's fantastic templates!!!

I think more will come from my wedding !!! xo,xo!!

and now time for my small gift to you!!!!

The add on to the kit!!!!
Not big but still gorgeous!!!!!!

You can download this here!!!!!



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lovin' You, add on freebie amd another sneak peak!!!!!

Hello there ladies as I have promised
to day my collab was released at


You will find this kit
exclusively at Scrappity Doo Dah
so here it is!!!

Lovin' You

What do you think?
Isn't it amazing?
Well, here are a few screenies to get a better look

The kit contains:
•16 papers (both solid and patterned)
•a swirl
•2 buttons
•2 fabric flowers
•a flourish
•2 frames
•a gel flower
•a feather
•2 hearts stamps
•a key
•2 paper flowers
•a photomask
•3 curled ribbons
•a ribbon frame
•stitch border
•2 tags
•a torn heart
•beads (with and without shadow)
•2 brads
•a branch (with and without shadow)
•a butterfly (with and without shadow)
•glitter spray
•a metal heart
•2 ribbons (with and without shadow)
•white rose (with and without shadow)
•a rub on
•a metal swirl
•3 metal word arts
•2 full alphasets!!
All papers were created at 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi, and saved in .jpg format.
All elements were created at 300 dpi and were saved in .png format.

Go and hurry to grab it NOW cause it's 30% OFF!!!!

Ok and here is some inspiration from my fantastic girls
and myself!!!!

by Jenn

by Brandy

by Mandy

by Cheri

by Vicki

by Joanna

by Nancy

by Lynn

WOW girls you have completely ROCKED the kit!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

ok and two from me!!!

in the first one I used JennCK Designs templates
"Feature it" pack which you can find here
and they are simply WOW AMAZING!!!!!!!!

ok and before I give your gift

I will show you another sneak peek of what comes tomorrow!!!!!

Well? What do you think?

The rest comes tomorrow!!!!!

Ok and now your gift!!!

You can grab it here!!
and now go to Bianca's blog to grab her gift!!!!



NEW KIT and a Sneak Peek!!!!!!

Hello there!!!!!!
As I have promised
I have a small sneak peek for you today!!!!!

I have collaborated with a great designer
who is also European like me!!!
You probably know her cause it's

She is a great designer and fantastic person to work with!!!!
Working with her for this collab has been a real fun!!!
So here is a small sneak peek of what we have done!!!!

Hope I got you a little excited!!!!!!
The rest will come on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Challenges AND TWO FREEBIES!!!!!

Hello girls
I know I haven't been around lately
but I am in a very busy schedule right now
cause I am preparing my son's baptism!!!

So this will not be a big post!!
I won't drive you crazy with all those things I usually write (xo,xo)

My first challenge is at Sunshine!!

It's a wordart challenge!!!
I know you love wordarts so here is what you are playing with!!!

You have one week to make an LO using this
beautiful wordart I made for you
and you have a prize for one winner
that comes from Litabell Designs!!!
It's a 5$ coupon to her store!!
Also all that will participate will receive a 50% off
for one purchase coupon to Lita's store!!!
So check what you are playing for!!!!

You can download this wordart here!!!

Ok two more challenges are also running
right now at Scrappity Doo Dah

The one is my Numbers Challenge
which you are playing towards a GC to the shop!!!
You can find this challenge here!!!

The other challenge is my Wordart
Loving Challenge!!!
You have to make one LO using the wordart I am providing you
to win a GC to the shop!!!
This is the wordart you are playing with!!!

You can download this wordart here or here!!

Ok I am waiting for all your Los!!!

So that's all for today!!
See you all next week for really exciting news!!!
Hugs to all

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Sunshine Bubblegum Fun Collab!!!!!!!

Hello ladies
check this awesome collab
that the designers at my Sunshine store and myself have put together!!!!
Check this awesome bag !!

Bubblegum Fun Grab Bag

Did you notice the new packaging??

Isn't it awesome?

Flergs did it again!!!!
Didn't she?
Well this grab bag is only 3$

Can you imagine that?

•71 papers
•88 unique elements (plus some recolored and pre-shadowed versions)
•1 full alpha (uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols)
•1 layout template
and gues what
Designs by Arisu, Dani's Delusions, Disasterpiece Studios, Fiore Bello, Studio Flergs, Craft-tastrophic Designs, Janice's Scraps, LDrag Designs, Project B Designs, Rekneipp Designs, Scrapidea-Timkova, Secret Garden, Shanmomto4 Designs, Sugarplum Paperie, Valerie Ostrom Designs have also contributed to make this awesome collab!!!

And here is my part in it!!!

And see some of the awesome things some Sunshine girls have done with it!!!

by Thunderdragon

by caroB71

by jaye

Isn't it awesome???
Well off to the shop to grab it cause yes!!!!
It is a great bargain!!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nappy New Year with a New kit and a freebie!!!

Good Day everyone!!!

I am really excited to start 2010 with a new kit that is really

a kit that can help you scrap

every type of page!!

From your New Year's resolutions

to anything you can imagine!!!!

So I will spare you with more talk, talk and show it of to you!!!


and a few close ups!!!

Blue ,green and white are Greece's most characteristic colours!!!
Visiting my country will certainly get you persuaded to visit it again by its sparkling waters ,amazing green sceneries and colours!!!Inspirated by the beauties of my country I made this kit that you will definitely want to use on every special occasion and not only!!!

This kit contains
1 full alpha
lower, case, upper case, number and punctuation

50 elements

3 blue flowers
1 glass flower
4 gel flowers
2 green flowers
2 gel hearts
1 metal border
2 bow
1 button
1 diamond glitter border
2 flourishes
2 frames
2 gel heart borders
1 glitter border
2 branches
2 gel brads
1 glitter round frame
1 nature ball
3 ribbons
3 round frames
2 silk ribbons
2 glitter flourishes
2 staples
1 white paper border
3 white flowers
2 yellow flowers

12 papers
9 patterned and 3 solids

You can find it in all my shops 30% OFF
So HURRY TO GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrappity Doo Dah Com


Sunshine Studio Scraps

And of course!!!
See what my fantastic girls have made

By Jenn

by Joanna

by Vicki

by Kaytee

by Lynn

by Nancy

by Cheri

by Brandy

and a few by me!!!!!

Hope you got really inspired by my new kit
and here is your gift!!!!
The matching add on !!!!

You can grab it here!!!!!

And remember that I will give special coupons later today to my
Facebook FANS to get an even bigger
sale for my newest kit!!!!

So if you are not already a fan make sure you become!!!!!