Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Firday Scrapmatters Blog Train

Hello girls
welcome to our new Black Friday blog train!
I am stop No24!
You have just come Michelle's blog and your next blog stop is
Kim's blog. Make sure to vist all our blogs starting from Andrea's blog.

All the girls have made some really special goodies for you that can be very useful.

I have a freebie qp for you that I have made using our
new Scrapmatters collab "Comfort & Joy".

Here are the previews

In Greece where I live we don't have Black Friday tradition

To us this time is the lent before Christmas and we only celebrate
Christmas and of course New Year!!

The most common tradition is for everybody to go to

church in the morning of Christmas day and then have a great feast
at home with our families!!! The early wake in the morning is always

very sweet cause my hubby goes and wakes up our daughter telling her to

wake up cause baby Christ has been born and the little sheep are

all around him to help Him keep warm!! It's a like telling a fairy tale to
her and it's a tradition that his own father did when he as a child every year!!!

We all come back from church hungry enough not to eat breakfast but the

traditional dish called "tigania" which actually is cubes of pork meat cooked

on a frying pan!! It's really delicious!! And then at noon the feast continues with

the traditional chicken soup with the stuffed chicken and whatever type of food you can imagine!!

And of course we can't forget the dessert in the end!!!

So this is a traditional Christmas meal in Greece!!

Now don't forget that at Scrapmatters we have
a big sale starting today!!!

Ok time for your freebie!!

You can get it here!!!


All my love


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being blog awarded!

Hello girls,

This is a late post by me, but as

they say better late than never!!!

My dear friend Christine has very recently sent me this

blog award!

Christine sent this to me and I must
tell you that I was really happy about it!!!
The only thing that is involved is to
just say 7 thing I am grateful for!!!
Well, here they are:
I am really grateful for
1. my family's good health,
2. the fact that I have real friends that love me despite the fact that I have never seen them in my life!,
3. the fact that life happened this way that I came to meet my husband!
4. my daughter's existence,
5. the fact that God is next to me on every step of my life and helps me get through difficult situations,
6. for the kind of life that I live since I have so many things that so many people lack and consider a luxury, and finally
7. every difficulty that came into my life and has made me become a stronger person for my family!
So these are from me now!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Scrapmatters Birthday Blog Train #33 stop

Hello everyone Lina here!

today start the festivities that will last 4 days!
Can you believe it? Four days!!!!

Which festivities?

But of course, haven't I told you before?
ScrapMatters is turning one year old and we are having a party!!!!

MAke sure to visit these 4 days cause there are so many things that
will happen , so many gifts to be given and so many other surprises for you
that you cannot believe them!!!
Starting today we have a huge blog train!!

OH you don't know what is a blog train?

Well you will have to visit 39 blogs starting with the blog to get your freebies!

We will give you today a huge bragbook page collection
that is made using our new collab "You say it's your birthday"
that is free with $10 purchase from the store!!!

This is the preview of the collab

And you can get it here!

Well speaking of birthdays!! In Greece we
don't have a specific tradition that follows birthdays
as usually we celebrate only children's birthdays!

But I will tell you about a tradition that we have
on our family and includes the tradition of celebrating every year
our great grandfather's birthday! It's like Christmas
or Thanksgivings as you have, for us here!
The whole family gathers and we have a huge feast!!!
This means a lot of food and a lot of sweets!!!!
Grandpa is always making a speech (and he alsmost always cries to
have us all together) and we always have a lot of fun!!!

Here is a layout I have made some time ago for this event!

And now it's time for your freebie!!!
Here is the preview!

It's two bragbook quickpages and the second can be used also as a
hybrid card to invite your friends to your birthday party!!!

Remember I am your #33 stop on the blog train so you will have to

visit all 39 to get all the bragbook quickpages!

My previous stop #32 is Wendy's blog

and your next stop in the blog train is #34 stop at Sandy's blog!

Visit us all to have a huge bragbook collection!!!!!
You can download your freebie here!


And wait we haven't finished yet!!!!

Tomorrow at Scrapmatters,Denise is hosting
a chat that you don't want to miss!!! The chat will
take place on Saturday 27th September at 2pm Eastern time
and you get this gift just for showing up!

And that is not the only thing, cause Denise will be giving away
gifts every 10 minutes ! Can you believe it? Every 10 minutes!!

So make sure to be there!!

I will leave you now!!! Cause there other things to follow!!

Did you think that I would tell you all?

Of course not!!! Just wait and have some patience until tomorrow!!!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday celebration and a freebie

Hello girls
on the 25th of September it's my hubby's birthday!

And to celebrate his birthday I decided to give you a small freebie!

It's 2 bragbook quickpages that I created using my latest Kit

Vintage Lilac Dreams!

Do you remember it?

Here it is

It's still on sale and it will be until the 25th at 40% off

So make sure to grab it!! You can get it here!

Ok there is another birthday celebration

that will take place at and it's because SM

is celebrating it's first year!

Many things will take place so make sure you be there the next few days!

Here is the ad!

So as you can see many things will happen

and the party will last 4 days!!!


And now time for your freebie

Two bragbook qps!!!
Download here!
Huggs until we see each other again
cause one of the next few days
another freebie will follow and
many other more from me!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

New kit in the shop and freebie!!

Hello there girls!!!

I am so excited cause I have
another kit in my store today and it's called
Vintage Lilac Dreams thanks to my dear friend Erica Zane
who came up with this really beautiful name!!!
I am so bad at naming things, so!!!!!!!!
Here it is

You can get it here!
And guess what it's 40% off!! So make sure not to miss it
will stay until the 26th!
Here is what I have done with it!

And here are some LOs that some people from the fantastic
CT members of ScrapMatters have made with it!!

Krista (aka sahlink) made two

Kim (aka Kimbytx)

and this one from Mary (aka littlehiccup)

Thank you girls for the wonderful LOs!!!

They are all fantastic!!!

And time for your freebie!!

I have an addon that matches perfectly my new kit!

Check it out!!

You can download here!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

wedding challenge and a qp freebie!!!

Hello there girls

This is a rather late post but better late than never!!!

OK, I am hosting a challenge this week at and it's about wedding LOs!!! YOu have to make a layout where there will be a photo of your wedding or anyone you love if you are not married!!! But if you want to find out more visit this thread to learn all the details!!!!

Of course there is a participation prize that I have made!!! So make sure not to miss it!!! Here is the preview:

And here is an Lo I made for the challenge using my dear friend's
Erica Zane's products!!!!!

Ok remember that my new kit Twitter me HAppy is still on sale

and it will be until Wednesday!!! So make sure not to miss it!!!

You will find it here!

Also don't forget to grab the addon in my previous post!!!

And now is the time for your freebie!

It's a quickpage I have made with my new kit that is based
on a template by another friend of mine Denise
known as Neeceebee Designs!!!

Here is the preview:

You can get it here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Twitter Me Happy and a freebie!

Hello girls!!

Can I tell you how happy I am today? I really feel like a bird today
cause I have a new kit in the store at ScrapMatters
and it's called Twitter Me Happy!

Check it out! It's a very cool kit with very vivid bright colours!!!
Go and grab it quickly cause it's 30% off and it will be for 1 week!!!

Here's an LO I made with it!!!

And here is an Lo by my very good friend and
fantastic designer
at Scrapmatters Erica Zane

And these one are some LOs that some of the new
fantastic CT members of ScrapMatters have made for me!!!
from Stacey (aka Shutch)

from Lisa

from Christine (aka Alamama)

from Kim (aka Kimbytx)

from littlehiccup

from Andrea (aka Chia)

and from Denise (aka Neeceebee)

Ok after all those fantastic LOs don't you think that
it's time for your freebie?
Well here is the add on to make this kit even bigger!!!

Download here!

Monday, September 1, 2008

MY first kit and a freebie!

Hello there to all of you!

Today is a very happy day for me cause the entrance of my first kit in the shop of has coincided with my name aniversary!

So, would like to see my very first official attempt in designing?

Here it is!

It is called Garden of Dalias and I present it to you with pride cause I have put in it a lot of effort in order to come to you!You can get it here!

Also I would like to thank the people of Scrapmatters who trusted me and took me in their arms and I became a part of their Designing team!!!
As you can see the kit is full of vivid colours and also a lot of real elements!

See what some of my friends have made with it!!!

This one is from Heather aka Hedderlee

and this one is from Heather aka Haynay

Thank you girls for your wonderful layouts!!

Ok Also I would like to show what I have done this week!!
This layout was made using the daily download kit which you will be able to find here!Be sure to not miss a day cause it's really fantastic and I am taking over the downloads after Wednesday!!!

Ok this layout was also made as part of the challenge that I am hosting at ScrapMatters this week and if you participate you can get this wonderful full alpha by me!!! You can find more information about the challenge here!

Let's see now some of the layouts I have made for my assignments!!!!

This specific layout was made using Trish H Designs Sweet pea kit which you can find here!

click here for credits!

This layout was made using Erica Zane's fantastic new kit called Secret Sage!

click here for credits!

Ok that's all for my assignements !
Time for you freebie! It is two quickpages I have done using my new kit Garden of Dalias!

Click here to download!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Daily Download kit and a freebie!

Hello there as you all know the daily download has started at this Monday and people have gone really excited with this!!! You can find it at this thread!

But have you seen the real previews of our download kit?


Well, here they are and I present them to you with great pride cause I have participated in this wonderful collaboration and I really feel very proud about it!!!

Wel, now let's see what I have done the last few days!

Here are two Los I have made for for GG Digital Designs which you can find their store at

The first one is done using their kit Summer Lovin' Girl

and this one using their kit Forever in love- summer

This one was made for Tuesday template challenge that Heather is hosting at scrapmatters and this challenge you can find it here!

In this Lo I used Heathers's template which you get for free and When nature calls by Fluffy Bunny Feet Designs , a new designer at SM but really talented!

Oh and I forgot to tell you! In this challenge if you participate you get this mini kit for free! It's a mini kit I created and Heather will give it to everyone that participates in her challenge!!!Isn't it a cutie?

Ok! Don't think that I have forgotten your freebie! Here it is, a bragbook page, made using the daily download kit which you can find only at
Download, here!
Don't forget to visit Tater's blog to get her bragbook quickpage! And don't forget to visit Heather's aka Haynay blog tomorrow to get her BB qp !!!