Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being blog awarded!

Hello girls,

This is a late post by me, but as

they say better late than never!!!

My dear friend Christine has very recently sent me this

blog award!

Christine sent this to me and I must
tell you that I was really happy about it!!!
The only thing that is involved is to
just say 7 thing I am grateful for!!!
Well, here they are:
I am really grateful for
1. my family's good health,
2. the fact that I have real friends that love me despite the fact that I have never seen them in my life!,
3. the fact that life happened this way that I came to meet my husband!
4. my daughter's existence,
5. the fact that God is next to me on every step of my life and helps me get through difficult situations,
6. for the kind of life that I live since I have so many things that so many people lack and consider a luxury, and finally
7. every difficulty that came into my life and has made me become a stronger person for my family!
So these are from me now!!!!

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