Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Plastic Alpha and a new newsletter FEATURE!

Hello ladies sorry fot he late post
but life has been a little crazy around here!!!
Today I have something small to show you
but amazingliy GREAT!!!
This alpha is sooooo versatile that can be used on any page
and almost any kit!!!!!!
So here it is!!

So Plastic Alpha
It will be 20% OFF through Sunday
so hurry to grab it now while it is on SALE!!!!!

You will find it at ScrapMatters and at ScrapBookBytes

This alpha is a TOTAL match to my
new kit that has just been  released at Ginger Scraps

and it will be 30% OFF through Tuesday!!!!!

These two make a great match together!!!!
And here is a little inspiration from my team
using this awesome alpha!!!!
By Terin using the Practically Perfect and alpha

by Sarah using the Practically Perfect and the alpha Photobucket

by Sarah using the Mak products and  the alpha Photobucket
by Jennifer using the MAK products and the alpha Photobucket

by Joanna using the Mak products and the alpha Photobucket

and by Judy using the Practically Perfect and the alpha Photobucket

And now I want to let you know that I have added anew feature to my newsletter!

Now I want you all my newsletter subscribers to return this email by letting me know when is your birthday so that I can add your BIRTH DATE in your subscriber's list
as I have a gift to send all of you on your birthday or at least the month of your birthday!!!!
It will  be a BIG  COUPON to my store and when I will have more time  to make  one I will give you
a BIG KIT!!!! Isn't this GREAT?
I just want to make you a small gift for being such great fans!!!
And of course this will apply to all of my new newsletter subscribers!!!!

And now I want you to have a great weekend!!!!

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