Saturday, March 26, 2011

Important Message for my RSS subscribers!

Hello ladies
today I have managed to create
my own newsletter and
from now on all my special coupons and
sales will be given only and more quickly
in some cases to my
NewsLetter Subscribers!

so I would really ask all of you who are subscribed to
my RSS feed and receive my blog posting in your email
to subscribe to my newsletter
if they want to take advantage of all the
great sales and discounts I will be offering
to you!!

I promise that there will be a great
price for all of you who will  subscribe to my newsletter
very shortly
but I just didn't find the time these days
to actually make a fantastic gift to all
of you who will decide to subscribe to my newsletter!

Finally, thank you to all of you who supported me with your
love and I promise that I will try to do my best
to show you how much I appreciate it!!!


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