Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time For some Oldies to Retire!

Hello ladies it is time for some of my oldies and maybe some new ones to retire FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They will be 50% OFF through September 30th!
So you have until the end of the month to grab them
before they are gone FOREVER!!!!

They will be all over my shop if you want to find them
but  here they are if you want to see for which ones you will be looking for!!!

Funky Love Rocks Photobucket

Funky Love Rocks Add on Photobucket

For John Photobucket

Johnny and  Nadine Photobucket 

Johnny and Nadine Add on Photobucket 

2 Green Thumbs Photobucket

Nostalgic Sunsets Photobucket

Spring Whisper Photobucket

Spring Whisper glitter Photobucket

Spring Whisper add on Photobucket

BoardWalk Reloaded Photobucket

Lavender Bits Photobucket

Sultry Summer Photobucket

So grab them now before the are gone FOREVER!!!!
This time next week they will be history!!!!!

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