Monday, October 3, 2011

Manic Monday with Wishing On A Star!

Manic Monday today and I have  a very special kit on sale for you!
One of my most favourite kits!!!!! It is really an amazing kit with all those dark and
rich colours!!!!!
So here it is

Wishing On a Star
Photobucket Photobucket

It will be 50% OFF just for 24 hours!!!!!!!!
So hurry to the shop to grab it TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just to remind you how great this kit is  check these awesome pages by my girls!!!

by Melissa ( aka rxdawg97)

by Sharon Photobucket

by Joanna Photobucket


by Melissa ( aka missi_me) Photobucket

by Simona Photobucket

and by a previous member of our team that we still love Kaytee kaytee

And a small extra  treat from me!!! If you haven't grabbed the add on to the kit

you can grab it HERE  only for TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cause by tomorrow the add on will go into the kit again!!!!!!
So you have 24 hours to grab it!!!!!Hurry!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for sharing your talents!