Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MY Guest Store!!

Hello girls
for all of you that have been waiting to find out which is my guest store
I tell you that I will be guesting at SCRAPMATTERS for the month of JUNE!!YEA!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all the girls that have left a comment in my Facebook account and for all those that
left a comment here!!
There are some of you that I don't have a way to contact you
so if you want to get your discount coupon for SM
you have to email me at to send it to you!!
especially the girls that left a message on my blog!!
I have decided to send you all  that left a comment here or at FB discount coupons to save in your purchase
of any of my products at SM!!!
It's a way of celebrating my return to the place
I have started my designing career! Even for one month!!
So I am really excited to work with so many friends
I have from the past and
I have a lot of surprises for you!!
So be patient as there will be many things
to play with!!!!



Rebecca said...

Yay! You are guesting at a fabulous store! :) I hope it goes wonderfully!!

Lina said...

Thank you Rebecca!! You are the best!!

Alyna said...

How exciting Lina!! Congrats! It's going to be a great month!