Monday, June 14, 2010

Want to WIn my lastest KIT?

If you do run to Scrapmatters and
just asnwer a few question I have asked there
in order to get into the draw to win the kit!!
This is what you will be playing for!!!


I person will win the kit and
5 will get discount coupon sto my STORE at ScrapMatters

so hurry to find this thread HERE!!!

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TJ said...

Just got my email update 30 minutes ago, so I completely missed it. They don't give much time to be informed of it and then be able to participate. I did want to let you know what was meant by the "Mother Goose Fairytales." Actually the term Mother Goose dates back to the 1600's and then had different interpretations in different countries. Here in America, Mother goose was introduced as a goose somewhere around late 1700's to 1800's. As usual there have been different claims on who did what first. Here are two websites with lists of nursury rhymes. I know you'll notice them!

And here's Mother Goose in various interpretations.

Hope that helps!!!